LiteraryElly Who?

I am a freelance technical writer in Northern Virginia.  I’m married to a physicist, and we live with an assortment of rescued animals: 2 dogs, 2 foster dogs, some fish, and a horse.  I like anything having to do with equestrian activities and animal rescue.  Whenever I feel that my life and marriage have not been sufficiently threatened during the week, I attempt to sneak other creatures into the house and see how long it takes my husband to notice. We eventually branched out to owning a non-furry, two-legged animal, and since my husband had a hand at creating that one, he’s allowed her to stay, for the time being. Because that effort continued to turn out well, we’re attempting our hand at another.

I got my MFA from the University of Memphis (Memphis, TN).  My work has appeared in places near and far.

I am good at putting my foot in my mouth in front of an audience and suffer from an irrational fear of zombie invasion. I like to read, yell at people in traffic, eavesdrop, fidget, daydream, judge people on their misuses of grammar, seek the company of animals over people, make up soundtracks to my life, and breathe your air.


3 responses to “LiteraryElly Who?

  1. Hi there, I’ve been following your story ‘No Room For Valor’ over on Jukepop, and am really enjoying it. If you are finished with it (as it’s a serial, you may not be) you should drop it in to the ABNA competition that just opened-not a bad way to get more exposure at the very least…

    • I’m glad you wandered over here, and I’m thrilled that you’re liking the story. I like the ABNA suggestion–I honestly hadn’t considered it before, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind. I’m not sure, though, if it being published on JukePop would nullify it from being eligible… Definitely going to look into it, thanks!

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