Reason #651 why my husband is awesome: Cat diapers

Just for the sake of saying, I competed in NaNoWriMo this year, which is why it may seem like I skipped all of November as far as blogging went. Sorry about that. But I won it, so that should be probably no some consolation. Also, my story “The Death of Santa Clause” was published in Strange Christmas 2012 anthology (, so if you’re still not sure what to get that special reader in your life…. (Apparently if you order before Dec. 14 and enter the coupon code “FELICITAS” in all caps, like you’re ferociously whispering some Harry Potter Christmas spell, you get 20% off. This thing practically sells itself!) 

So there. That was November. Now you’re caught up.

But now its December, which means that everyone’s really happy (unless they’re not) and a little bit crazy. And since Christmas is my favorite season (that’s right, it’s not “winter” for me, it’s “Christmas”, as in “spring, summer, fall, Christmas”), I certainly fall into both those categories. Which is why I’m so glad I married a man willing to not only put up with the crazy but sometimes even foolishly indulge it. Case in point, today’s email conversation.

(Quick backstory: our cats have a history of peeing on things. This is annoying. It has led to many, many attempts to understand, fix, and mitigate said action, as well as the destruction of a couple of carpets, numerous towels (there comes a time when the smell refuses to leave), and an entertainment center.)

Mind. Blown.

To which my fabulous husband replies:

Clayton response

I do love that man.



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4 responses to “Reason #651 why my husband is awesome: Cat diapers

  1. Maybe you could hire out? There’s got to be somebody on Craigslist willing to put diapers on cats…

    • lol I’m not sure I want to put anybody through the anticipated…fun…that will be. Besides, I’ve decided what’s the good of having cats if you can’t have fun stuffing them in diapers that look like lederhosen? I’ll have the only cats in the world who could be Von Trapp family doubles.

  2. Oh, that is funny, and of course annoying for you regarding the cats.

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