My Bucket List

As we’re going through the Financial Peace University, we’re doing a lot of financial calculations for long-term goals. How long until we have 6 mo. of expenses in our Emergency Fund (Baby Step #3)? How quickly do we expect to progress through the next Baby Steps? Once we reach it, how long will we be on Baby Step #7 (paying off the mortgage)? And then, when we need a pick-me-up because it all seems like a long way off, we play pretend and do some fun calculations. What could we do with our money once we were literally debt free? How fast could we amass it to buy X or go to Y? How soon could we amass enough to retire early? What would we do if we worked because we wanted to and not because we needed to anymore?

That part’s REALLY fun.

And after playing this one night, it got me thinking about my bucket list. My Post-Debt Bucket List. So, this is my plan for when we can play with our money. In no particular order,

  1. Ride a zipline.
  2. Successfully complete some type of long-distance endurance challenge. (This year, it’s Tough Mudder.)
  3. Take bellydancing classes.
  4. Own a Great Dane.
  5. Learn to play the bagpipes.
  6. Become better at playing the celtic harp.
  7. Ride a horse along a beach.
  8. Swim with sharks. (This kind of stuff.)
  9. Pick up jumping/eventing again.
  10. Travel to Europe. (I’ve been to Madrid, so I’m part of the way there. I need a few more European countries in my passport before I can honestly say I’ve been “to Europe” though.)
  11. Publish a story in McSweeney’s.
  12. Learn to read sheet music.
  13. Ride/compete/foxhunt with my daughter.
  14. Fall asleep in a hammock.
  15. Take a trapeze/aerial performance class. (Interestingly enough, there’s a place for this in D.C. I think God’s trying to tell me something….)
  16. Skydive.
  17. Ride a freestyle kur.
  18. Take a pole-dancing class. (For the fitness, perverts!)
  19. See a kangaroo in Australia.
  20. Learn Irish step dancing.
  21. Own a stick-shift Mustang convertible.
  22. Publish a novel.
  23. Publish more novels.
  24. Learn basic, conversational Russian.
  25. See an iceberg up close.
  26. Master the practice of circular breathing while playing my didgeridoo.
  27. Be completely debt-free (even the mortgage).
  28. Learn to be a fire dancer.
  29. Travel to Ireland.
  30. Become fit enough to run farther (in consecutive minutes) than I am old (in years).
  31. Touch a dolphin.
  32. Go fishing.
  33. Make a “sustainable income” with my writing.
  34. Get honey from a real beehive.
  35. Rappel from a mountain.
  36. Publish a poem.
  37. Have a house with a slide that goes from one floor to the one (or oneS!) below.
  38. Get my concealed carry permit and carry around a handgun.
  39. Have my kid(s) surpass me in an area that I excel. (A positive one. Surpassing me on being a jerk won’t be cool.)
  40. Successfully complete some type of zombie run.

A few of these things I’ve already done, but I put them on here because I want to do them again. There are no rules about Bucket Lists, so I’m just making this one work my way. Most of the things on here are new. Now it’s just a matter of time until we’re in a financial position to allow me to do them.

If nothing else, this list is one of the best incentives for sticking to the FPU plan (once you’ve realized that Dave’s plan IS actually achievable).



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2 responses to “My Bucket List

  1. Fishing is one of the things I have done before, but not since I was very small. I’d just like to do it again–I don’t have a preference for the type (though I only know of 2 kinds: the kind you do in a boat or off a dock and fly fishing).

    About 2 1/2 yrs. ago, I decided out of the blue that I wanted to learn to play the Celtic harp. So I took lessons, rented a harp from my instructor to practice on, and got so I could play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” like a boss. During that time, I started to learn the basics of sheet music, but could only move through very simple pieces with a lot of difficulty. Mostly I’d pick it through note-by-note, then play chunks of it by ear until I could do the whole song without really reading the music–not sure if that was cheating or a normal way of doing it. Then, when we found out I was pregnant, we quit the lessons and harp rental b/c I knew I wouldn’t be devoting enough time to it. I’m still on the lookout for when I can pick it up again.

    And I’ll totally call you when I get the chance to do #s 3, 18, or 29. 🙂 Naturally, Jenni’s FB post about #3 reminded me of how much I’ve always wanted to do it. Maybe this year we can cross that one off our respective lists together!

  2. Have you not been fishing? What kind of fishing are you hoping to do? I can help you with this one possibly, little to no money required. 🙂 I could possibly help with #12 too. Also, I didn’t know you play the Celtic harp at all, well or otherwise. That’s awesome! If you want company for #3, 18, or 29, call me! 😉 A good list!

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