Reason #7,564 why my husband is awesome

Señor Hubbypants recently asked if I would mind him attending a week-long MIT course on radar in Boston (’cause as much as feminists want to claim that it’s patriarchal for women to “submit” to men, in a good marriage both submit to each other in a give-and-take kinda fashion–and nobody’s going to stand up and say “How dare that woman subjugate that man in that way! The man is asking permission?! How demeaning!” Seems kinda silly when you turn the gender around, huh? Feminists, in these instances, stop being selfish and realize that it’s not just about you All. The Damn. Time.).

*blushes* Sorry. Soapbox.


So he sends me this email asking if he can go, and in the email, he includes the link to the course. Which I found endlessly amusing, as if being able to read about the course would make a difference in whether or not I’d want him to be gone for a week. Like, maybe he thinks I wouldn’t believe him? Or maybe he thought that at first I’d be like, “Hmm, not so sure about that,” but then I’d click the link and read about it and then go, “Well…they DO get to have a radar imaging competition at the end,” and THAT’S what would finally win me over…?

I found that charming. So very, very charming.

So I made up a quick graphic and emailed it back as my response:


His response? “Whatever, woman.”

This man: he pleases me. I think I’ll keep him.



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2 responses to “Reason #7,564 why my husband is awesome

  1. Dawn

    this one was a cute one!

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