Blog stalking at its finest

Just as a reminder, I have a fairly short attention span when it comes to long-term events. I’m all into the new shiny thing for about a month or so, and then I get distracted by something new. When I get enough new shiny things, I rotate between them—which means that while one’s getting a lot of attention, the rest are just left sitting and twiddling their thumbs.

For those of you who’re interested, when this blog is…shall we call it, less-actively updated?…you might try finding fun stuff on my other sites (usually with the handle LiteraryEllyMay):

On Facebook:
On Tumblr:
On Pinterest:
On Twitter (though I rarely update b/c Twitter kinda annoys me):!/LiteraryEllyMay
And I frequently contribute to another Tumblr site:

Friend me, follow me, find new stuff and steal it for yourself. Whatever. Just enjoy what I put out (*nudge, nudge, wink wink*).


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