not even gonna try

I’m back. I’m not going to waste your time with all the excuses and/or legitimate reasons (there’s been some of both) why I haven’t blogging in months. Nor am I going to try to recap all that’s happened since the last post (which is also a lot).

Instead, I’m going to simply recap a conversation that made me fall a little bit more in love with my husband last night:

Me: “You’d better be careful, or you’ll end up walking like Thomas.” (Ed. note: Thomas is a friend of Super Bro-in-Law who hiked so far over the weekend he could barely walk. Much teasing ensued.)
Clayton: “Wait, what? Commas?”
Me: *blanks stare* “What are you talking about?”
Clayton: “Repeat what you just said.” *I repeat* “OH. I thought you said ‘…walking like commas’.”
Me: *blinks at him* “But that makes absolutely no sense.”
Clayton: “That’s what I figured. I was like, ‘How does someone even DO that? I guess I would pause a lot.”

This is one of the reasons I married him.


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