Oy vey iz mir…

This has been one of those weeks.  Had those?  Where you’re asked to work with that guy who thinks you’re a total idiot and is fond of telling your project manager so via oblique email comments, and a friend decides to rub your nose in a mistake you’ve already apologized for a couple of times over.  And the house looks like the Salvation Army moved in and then promptly exploded in a fiery mess of baby clothes, books, and a random stack of get-well cards.  Where you spend a good five minutes (do you realize how long 5 min. actually IS?) cleaning up the King Kong of poos from your kid’s diaper and then another 20 holding her down with both knees and one hand while you try to use a rubber bulb syringe to suck the boogers out of her nose while she screams like you’re killing her and then refuses to let you placate her, only to have Daddy come bouncing into the room and grin at her once and she immediately abandons the tears to giggle and coo up at him (…traitor…).  And then someone accidentally picks the wrong day to pick a fight online (as if there are right days for this?) and….

Sorry.  I’m a bit stressed.  I tend to ramble when I’m stressed.

This post is mostly just a vent, and I apologize for taking it out on you.  You deserve better, Most Highly Respected Anonymous Reader.  Let me try this again…

To summarize: Imagine starting your day like, “Today?  Today’s gonna be a good day.  I can FEEL it!”  And then you walk out your door, ferociously happy–“Havin’ a good day, havin’ a good day, havin’ a good day…”–and then BAM:

Yeah, that’s about right.


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