A quick list of why today rocks

8 brief reasons why I’m in a friggin’ fantastic mood today:
  1. Have surprised myself with how cute this nursery is going to be: bookshelf, shoe holder, and clothes storage all planned, bought, and waiting to be assembled.  I’m convinced that I am the She-Ra of nursery organization.
  2. Ordered the crib and a really cute toy box (which I’ll be using as a blanket chest).  Both should be here in a few days.  Yay for more stuff!
  3. Once that stuff arrives, the nursery furniture will be 100% complete.  Nesting instinct = satisfied.
  4. Lots of random compliments lately.  Who knew–clothes that fit make you look better.
  5. Nell’s managed to keep from applying liquid decoration to the carpets at night for an entire week, so we don’t have to pen her up at night.  Win-win situation for EVERYBODY: she gets to cuddle with Sam, Sam gets her Eeyore-like sleep toy, the cat gets the spare dog bed since the two dogs are cuddling, and Clayton and I don’t have to look at Nell’s ridiculously pathetic sad-face from behind bars every morning.  (Though, I’m convinced that she’s just sucking up so we don’t abandon her at someone else’s house again, like we did while gone for Thanksgiving.)
  6. Feeling super-productive while juggling two freelance writing gigs and my normal job work.  Without feedback, I have no idea if I’m writing crap, but until I get it, I’m safe to remain convinced that I Win At Life.  For now…
  7. Got a cute skirt for Clayton’s company Christmas party on Saturday to complete Awesome Christmas Party Ensemble.  I am now prepared to look like one hot mama.
  8. It’s Friday.
  9. This list started off with only 5 things.  (Which really doesn’t count for why today rocks, but is still on the Good Things list, so I’m keeping it.  You got a problem with that, you can make your own damn list.)    

 Kinda makes me feel like riverdancin’.



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