A little bit of *squeee* mixed in with some *happy dance*

A quick, celebratory post, amid the cat urine mini-series:

My fun-sized dog is finally taking treats from my hand.  It’s only taken a little over a year.

This is huge.

This is incredible and previously unthinkable.

This is a milestone sitting on top of Mt. Rushmore towering over the Grand Canyon on the moon.

And seeing her go from this, where we had to wait until she was asleep to get close enough to take this picture:

To this, when we come home:

To this, finally being able to enjoy the simple dog pleasures of life like hanging your goofy face out the window so that your ears flop in the wind or accept a dog treat given as a gift:

I think my heart grew three sizes today. 🙂



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3 responses to “A little bit of *squeee* mixed in with some *happy dance*

  1. Leilani

    I think that’s so awesome that Nell is becoming a true dog happy and comfortable in her environment. You really have done an amazing job with her and she is very lucky to have you as an owner.

    Seriously great job Dani!!!

  2. hey that’s my car.

    and great to read about Nell’s progress.

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