Terror Therapy

So, I decided to scrap Tuesday’s post because that was the day we came back from our awesome trip back home to Memphis and my brain was fried from getting 2 hours’ sleep to make our 6am flight….and because I’m lazy.  But you all knew this.

I got some writing done while I was gone and was very impressed with myself.  Some time back, when I was moping about not getting published, Clayton was all like, “You should just write what you know.”

Like that’s all there is to it.  Like, why haven’t you tried that by now?  Like, this is a two step process, woman!  1) Write what you know, 2) Get published.  WHAT’S SO HARD ABOUT THAT?  So, humoring him—smugly thinking to myself that my seven years of undergrad and grad work must have been wasted, since all I had to do was ask my physics major husband about getting published—I asked, “Like riding?  Books?”  And he was like, “No!  ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!”  This surprised me, since, as I informed him, there had been no actual zombie apocalypse yet.  And then his face turned red and his head started spinning in circles a la The Exorcist and popped off his body and screamed at me from its spot on the floor: “Don’t tell me there’s been no zombie apocalypse when you wake me up every other night to CHASE THE DAMN ZOMBIES OUT OF THE BATHROOM!”

Touché, husband.

Now, to get the creative juices flowing, we’ve decided to put nothing but zombie movies on the NetFlix queue, since it’s a well-documented fact that I have zombie nightmares every time I watch one.  When I questioned how healthy this approach was in helping me deal with my current phobia, Clayton was fast to reassure me that it was a win-win situation.  According to him, I’ll either come to grips with my zombie phobia or get a bestseller out of it.  Nothing but pluses here, baby.

We tried this out last night by watching the movie “Quarantine” at 9:30 last night before bed.  This has got to be one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in my lifetime, largely because I am the ideal horror movie audience (because I get scared easily) and because it preys on just about all of my major and minor fears.  There were fast zombies, zombies that popped up quickly (and with much banshee-screaming and baring of bloody teeth) from around corners, a child zombie (which hit upon my fear of all things small, quick, gnome-like, and thirsting for my blood), lots of darkness and frantic motion with the camera, zombie bodies that were Left For Dead in a room and then later found to be missing from the spot they were last seen, random shrieking screams from off-camera, a government conspiracy, rabid animal attacks….  Honestly, I can’t really list every single thing that this movie checked off my Terror List because then I’d have a heart attack and die and all you’d see for the rest of the post was asl;dfjasdklhasdfkh38q45uy348asdfs.  I think the only thing this movie missed on my list was spiders, and that was probably because the producers knew I might die of fear on my couch at home.

And then I went to bed.  While I know that my Most Highly Respected Anonymous Readers enjoy vicariously experiencing my night terrors, I can’t really describe my dreams last night.  I have a strong suspicion that the only conversation I ever have about them will likely be covered by some sort of Doctor/Patient Confidentiality clause.  So I’ll just say that the writing juices have definitely started flowing.  Yay for Terror Therapy!



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4 responses to “Terror Therapy

  1. Crystal

    I am now currently downloading this movie. Have you added Fido to your list of zombie movies? It should definitely be on there. Fido is about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse so it might be of some sort of motivation. I love zombie movies and books and look forward to reading your zombie masterpiece.

  2. Tonya

    This calls to mind the Bausch article of late. He likely wouldn’t approve of zombie stories. Speaking of which– did I ever tell you about the student who DID write a zombie story for his class and he proceeded to yell at him, berate him, and then cancelled class, refusing to workshop the story?

    No joke.

    • You told me a quick summary of it–much like you just did here–but no details, which I would dearly love to hear 🙂 What exactly did he say to/call the student? And WTF is up with cancelling class because of a single story? I’ve seen some obnoxious crap in his workshops before and I was always impressed with the professional way he dealt with their critiques (when I couldn’t even find anything more positive to say about them than, “How about you just burn the pages and start over?”).

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