Literarily mourning and winning the internet

Writing has been pretty non-existent lately, but there has been a lot of thought ABOUT the writing (which I will lie to myself and say is actually worth something).  I’ve been plotting and scheming about various stories in my spare time, and doing a lot of reading.  But, as sometimes happens when you get really into a book, the worse happened.  And I’ll go ahead and admit it: I’m also in mourning over one of the characters in a book I was reading.  This has impacted me quite a bit more than it probably should, even though I think all book lovers have been there at some point.  Yesterday, I lost Eddie of New York in the seventh book of the Dark Tower series, and I find that today I’m more hesitant to pick up the book after reading his death scene. 

I read it yesterday while at dinner, because there’s something very comforting about reading while you eat.  And one moment the waitress was all like, “Here’s your salad,” and the next, she’s staring at a teary-eyed sniffler whose lips are trembling to keep from having an all-out cry.  And the waitress was dumbfounded and flustered, and kept asking me if the salad was ok. And I was all like, “Woman, I appreciated your concern, but why would I be crying over A SALAD?  I just lost a friend here! *as I shake the book at her*”.  Because crying over the fictional death of a person that doesn’t exist is much more realistic. 

So he’s gone, and I’ve heard rumor that other friends I’ve met in the previous six-books will also die before the end.  I’m halfway through the book now, and I worry that I’ll have to do some more mourning before I’m ready to.  And since I started the book (and ended up falling in love with these characters) to “escape” some of the dog/car stresses we’ve had going on lately, I feel a bit gypped.  Like I just got a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans and the first one I tried was booger flavored.  So….a bit depressed.  And not wanting to write if only to keep some of my own characters from dying.

And I keep hounding the WOW site to see if they’ve posted any winners for the flash fiction contest I made the Top 100 for.  They said this week would be when people are notified if they made it to the Top 10, and even though I haven’t heard anything yet, I’ve noticed an interesting correlation that I think might work in my favor—whenever I visit the WOW site, I get an email from them.  And I know this is more than a fluke because it’s happened 3 times.  The first time was to notify me about the contest Top 100 and the other two were just promotional stuff, but still.  I visit the site = email from them. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that I think I can force this whole notification thing with a bit of careful timing.  Since they were planning on notifying the Top 10 this week anyway, I visited the site this  morning in the hopes that the pattern will hold and I’ll get some sort of email from them.  Will it be promotional or will it be contest?  And if I can force this contest notification equation to work (because, what other choice is there?  I called it an “equation” which means “Science;” and you can’t argue with Science), I will feel like I’ve accomplished something bigger than just an online contest.  My New Years’ Resolution was to win the internet, and I think this would count.  So, I consider this an e-speriment.  For the sake of science.  Not because I’m so eager to hear something that I’ve chewed my fingers down to the second knuckle.  That would just be silly.



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3 responses to “Literarily mourning and winning the internet

  1. Crystal

    I really loved that series and have been thinking of revisiting it. The series really engulfs you and you truly do fall in love with those characters.

  2. August

    Oh man, I cried hard when Eddie died. You form really deep attachments to their ka-tet. That book is so, so perfect though. I’m actually rereading Wolves of the Calla (when I run out of books, rereading Stephen King is my go-to). I forgot how majestic the DT series is!

  3. Most Highly Respected Anonymous Reader

    Oh, man. I have some words about that series. But they must wait until you finish it.

    Good luck with the contest. 🙂

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